North Eastern & Coastal Regions, Fibre Optic Cable Project

Duration: October 2007 to November 2009

Scope of Work:

Performance of the Civil Works, Installation - Laying - Blowing, Supply of the PVC pipe and other Equipment and consumables used in the installation of Fiber optic cables for the link.

This project covered the following sections:-

Mombasa - Garsen - Lamu - Hola Link
Section 1: Mombasa-Malindi 
Section 2: Malindi-Garsen 
Section 3: Garsen (JP) -Lamu 
Section 4: Garsen-Hola
Isiolo - Mandera Link

Section 6: Isiolo-Wajir
Section 7: Wajir-Mandera 
Isiolo Moyale Link
Section 8: Isiolo-Marsabit 
Section 9: Marsabit-Moyale 
Mazeras - Diani-Spur Link
Section 12: Hola Spur
Section 13: Kilifi Spur
Section 13: Kilifi Spur
Section 14: Isiolo-Wajir-Mandera Spurs
Section 15: Mazeras-Kwale 
Section 16: Kwale Diani

The above sections were done using specialized Ploughing machines that plough the HDPE sub-duct directly into the ground at a depth of 1.2m at the same time laying a plastic warning tape at a depth of 0.6m. The ploughing machine does this without opening up a trench while achieving a very uniform level of the sub-duct and warning tape. In areas that are rocky the ploughing machine cannot penetrate and hence manual trenching is done with use of compressors. After the HDPE pipes are laid, the optical cable is blown or water floated into it.