Lake Turkana Wind Power Project

The demand for energy is growing worldwide and, with the dwindling reserve of fossil fuels, renewable energy continues to gain momentum as part of the solution to energy independence.

Entreprise Generale Malta Forrest is set aside as a successful General Construction and Civil Works Contractor, making our venture into renewable energy a natural addition to our broad list of services we offer.  Our renewable energy team has a proven track record in the industry and stands ready to assist our clients put up their renewable energy project goals.

We value the relationships we establish and strive not just to meet expectations but to exceed them. Our vast experience in the renewable energy industry has helped us learn innovative ways to improve performance and provide cost savings to our clients, through excellent project management, innovative safety programs and enhanced scheduling.

Our wind power project services include:

  • Service road network design and installation
  • Soil Investigation
  • Design of the Foundation
  • Supply of Material
  • Design and Construction of Wind Turbine generator foundation and Installation
  • Underground Cabling Installation
  • Turbine Erection
  • Mechanical and electrical completion
  • Construction of Transformer foundations

We are working on the largest single wind farm in Africa, The Lake Turkana Wind Power project (LTWP) located in Loyangalani, Marsabit County.

The Lake Turkana Wind Power project consists of 365 wind turbines type V52-850kW on 44m hub height. The average wind farm wind speed in hub height is 11.7m/s. The ambient turbulence on site is relatively low. Due to the dominant eastern wind direction and the perpendicular placement of the wind turbines to the dominant wind direction, wake effects are minimized and wake turbulence is low, resulting in a low effective turbulence.

The turbines are placed at an average distance of 1.5 x rotor diameter. This short distance between the turbines requires the use of Wind Sector Management (WSM), where turbines are shut down when they are operating in each other’s wake.

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